DISCIPLINS has officially started! At the begging of the week, the kick-off meeting of the Project took place in Seville, hosted by the University of Seville.

DISCIPLINS is one of the projects that INCOMA is participating this year. The main goal of the project is to strengthen synergies and cooperation between high education and sport organisations and develop a common expert training programme on social inclusion through sport-based interventions.

We are sharing some photographs taken during the kick-off meeting of the project. During the two days in which it took place, the partners started to work on the management plan, and have also developed the map of competences for the Expert training course in Social Inclusion through sport-based interventions, to be developed in the next stages of the project.

The other partners involved in the project are Laurea University of Applied Sciences, University of Seville, Universidad Loyola AndalucíaClub Patinadores de Sevilla and Federazione Italiana Pallavolo.


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