The third training on the #CREOPSS+ project took place between May 31 and June 2 at the headquarters of the Associazione Link in Altamura (southern Italy). This project intends to provide a European dimension to a training on social and solidarity #entrepreneurship carried out by Kéjal. This new training has revolved around the importance of the #territory in the development of social enterprises, for which the partners of the project have had the opportunity to visit different companies and associations in the area linked to the territory such as Matera HUB, the Foundation for the organization of events linked to the declaration of Matera as European Capital of Culture in 2019. We also visited the "Pasticceria Monastero” in Altamura, where they explained us their way of working and maintaining the traditions of the convent, and the urban laboratory Officine Culturali Gravina

In addition, after these visits we also work on the structure of a 3-day training on the relationship of social and solidarity economy companies with their own territory in any EU country.


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