Last week the final meeting of the SCOPE project, which is nearing its conclusion, took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. In parallel, the final conference of the project was also held, which was organized by European Center for Quality "Ltd.
This event introduced the concept of corporate entrepreneurship by leading speakers on the topic from Bulgaria and abroad, as well as the intellectual products developed within the SCOPE project: a catalogue of good practices, a corporate entrepreneurship competence matrix for managers and employees/students, a corporate entrepreneurship training program and a guidebook on corporate entrepreneurship.
Representatives of all partner organizations from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain took part in the conference. The event was attended by over 60 guests, including employees of training and career centers, managers of companies from various economic sectors, HR managers, employees of companies with experience in implementing European projects and other stakeholders. A special guest of the conference was Ms. Vasya Arsenova, general secretary of the Human Resource Development Centre in Bulgaria /HRDC/. Ms. Arsenova had the opportunity to present to the audience the objectives and priorities of the Erasmus+ program.
In the afternoon, a practical seminar, named "Corporate Entrepreneurship in Action", was held, led by Mr. Alexander Balabanov - author, lecturer and corporate trainer at Dynamix Lab. The seminar was attended by the conference guests and was highly appreciated by all participants.
The practical seminar was organized in the form of interactive tasks, related to the theme of SCOPE project – skill for corporate entrepreneurship. Case studies were also presented, connected to elements of the created SCOPE competence matrix for managers and employees. The participants had the opportunity to exchange personal knowledge and together to develop solutions to their assigned tasks. It was of a high interest how participants with different experience, age and field of study, with different points of view, come to a consensus with the main goal of finding the optimal outcome. Many awards were given to the best performing teams and participants at the conference. Main priority of the activities was to stimulate the networking atmosphere and to foster the exchange of good practices and joint future cooperation.
We would like to thank all the participants and collaborators who made it possible. Thank you very much to all!


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