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About Intermove

INTERMOVE is a project funded under the Erasmus+ programme (KA2 Strategic Partnerships) that will tackle two of the barriers related to European mobility, such as cross-cultural issues and foreign language knowledge. This will become a reality by the development of an innovative training pathway for mobility operators to prepare participants on mobility projects. It will combine intercultural preparation with the use of language intercomprehension in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The INTERMOVE Model encompasses a course programme, the development of learning contents and the creation of an LMS platform.

INTERMOVE - First steps forward

Since the Kick-off Meeting in Tralee (Ireland) on the 1ST and 2ND December 2015, partners worked on the first steps of INTERMOVE and agreed on the methodology to follow under IO1- two simultaneous activities would be carried out: on the one hand, the partners would undertake surveys on participant´s training targeting mobility - related institutions.  On the other hand, the Consortium would identify Good Practices on Intercultural and Linguistic preparation through desk&field analyse. This way, a report would be produced, clustering the needs of mobility participants in terms of language and culture and bringing to light the best practices applied in other contexts.

Second Partner Meeting at Reggio Emilia, Italy

Last 5TH and 6TH May, the 5 partners met at Reggio Emilia (Italy) for the second project meeting. They took this opportunity to present the improvements of the project, such as the Report on Quality Training Contents, which offered a perfect take- off point for the layout of next activities. The 2ND day meeting promoted a collaborative environment in which partners discussed and worked together on the structure and content of the INTERMOVE course programme. Other aspects, such as planning of next steps and dissemination activities, were also addressed.

INTERMOVE is online!

Partners have just launched the INTERMOVE website and Facebook page. Now, you have the chance to get to know more about INTERMOVE and stay updated regarding our last activities, new outputs, interesting news related to the project and so on. Do not miss the opportunity to keep track of INTERMOVE and follow us:

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Intercomprehension: Dialogues in the present and for the future

Have a look at this interesting article that takes us deeper into the world of Intercomprehension (IC), a powerful concept finally getting its way in Language Teaching thanks to initiatives like REDINTER (European Network of Intercomprehension). This publication was written by Maria Filomena Capucho, Professor of Linguistic and Researcher on the Language domain, especially in the field of Intercomprehension studies. She is part of the INTERMOVE partnership and this will certainly offer the opportunity to strengthen our IC competences throughout the whole project life:

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InterMobil Project Towards a more favourable environment for mobility programmes

InterMobil, one of INTERMOVE´Best Practices, will soon put at your disposal the Project products, namely a training pathway with 9 different modules on Intercultural competences addressed to SMEs hosting European mobilities. Visit its website and stay tuned for more information!

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