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Partner meeting and first training in Viseu

The fourth partner meeting of the INTERMOVE project was celebrated parallel to the training sessions in Viseu. The partners have been analysing the last results of the tasks and materials already produced and their strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare the next activities and materials of this project.

Coinciding with this meeting, a capacity building in Viseu (Portugal) has also been carried out. The workshop intended to provide intercomprehension skills about the Latin languages addressed by the project (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French).

During this workshop, all the contents prepared about intercomprehension and interculturality have been tested and validated. This event had an enormous success and 9 trainers participated in it, coming from all the INTERMOVE project countries.

INTERMOVE presented at the "1st World Congress on Translation Studies"

Filomena Capucho, from the "Universidade Católica Portuguesa", which is one of our INTERMOVE partners, has participated in the 1st World Congress on Translation Studies, held in Paris from 10th to 14th April 2017. This Congress was divided in several axes and had participated in it researchers from the main Universities and research centres of the world.

The seminar developed by Prof. Capucho was very related with one of the main objectives of INTERMOVE project, intercomprehension. In that sense, she has developed the notion of intercomprehension along the time, as this is a recent concept appeared in the 90's but has been rapidly spread through disciplines as linguistics and didactics.

INTERMOVE training in Seville

Partners have also had the opportunity to test the INTERMOVE training in Seville (Spain) where a collaborative learning workshop was held from 5 to 10 June. The objective of the training was to experience the Prototype Model so that it can be given its full shape for the final version.

Most of the participants who went to the workshop in Viseu, also attended this training with the objective of guaranteeing a common procedure in future activities.

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What's next?...

In November will take place the final conference and closure of INTERMOVE project, and a big event with at least 100 participants will be organised also in Seville. This event will have as main objective the presentation of the project outcomes and the future exploitation plan, and will include workshops, round tables and speeches.

If you are interested in interculturality and intercomprehension, it's your opportunity to participate in an event specialised in this issue!

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